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Giving Light Speed

Revibro Optics’ tunable mirrors change curvature to control focus position with a 250 microsecond response time—providing the fastest focus control available.

Tunable Focus Mirror (TFM)

Achieve cutting edge imaging in a compact package

Fast, precise focus control

Spherical aberration correction

4mm diameter standard aperture

Fast response time < 250µs 

Variable focal length: ∞ < f < 56mm

Reflective metal coatings = no chromatic aberrations

Benefits of our Tunable Focus Mirrors

Capture Rapid Z-Stacks

Capture real-time volume acquisition with zero delays using our mirror's rapid response time—less than 250µs.

Correct Aberrations

Fine-tune the shape of the mirror with up to five separate concentric electrodes with independent voltage control.

Multi-Focal Imaging

Change the focus between video frames capturing full frame rate videos at different positions with a single camera.

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