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Our Mission – Giving Light Speed

Our variable focus optic solutions allow our customers to achieve cutting-edge imaging performance in a compact package. In contrast to traditional focus control through translation of bulky lenses, our variable focus mirrors change curvature to control the focus of light – providing the fastest focus control available.

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Beyond Focusing

While our variable focus mirrors control the focus of light through large scale surface deflection, they also have the ability to correct aberrations by changing surface shape. By combining high-speed focus control with the ability to correct aberrations, we provide a single element solution to achieve complex design goals.

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Valuable Expertise

We strive to support all of our customer’s needs, from off-the-shelf focus control solutions to custom optics and optical system design. Our expertise in optical and mechanical systems, microfabrication, and electronics allows us to provide valuable design assistance for various stages of integration and product development.

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